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Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison, Green Bay and surrounding areas.


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Velocity is an energetic group composed of some of the Midwest's finest and most versatile musicians. From private parties and weddings, to festivals and clubs these musicians will have the crowd on their feet all night!  


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" tmargin="0" lmargin="0" bmargin="0" type="snippet" rmargin="0" src="/Shared/UIComponents/Internal/RTE/Images/Plugins/Snippet/snippet_holder.png">-Solo Guitar

" tmargin="0" lmargin="0" bmargin="0" rmargin="0" type="snippet">-Dixieland Jazz

" type="snippet" rmargin="0">-Brass Quintet

" lmargin="0" bmargin="0" rmargin="0" type="snippet" src="/Shared/UIComponents/Internal/RTE/Images/Plugins/Snippet/snippet_holder.png">- Velocity also can provide DJ packages. At a discounted rate, one of our DJ’s will keep you rocking when the band is on break and/or directly before or after the band’s performance.

" tmargin="0" rmargin="0" type="snippet" src="/Shared/UIComponents/Internal/RTE/Images/Plugins/Snippet/snippet_holder.png" border="0">Velocity now offers WIRELESS uplighting services through TransFormation Lighting! Whether you'd like your room to come alive and pulse to the music or you'd like ambient lighting to match the bridesmaids dresses, uplighting really makes your venue come to life!

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